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Biomedical Science courses

University of Malta

​​bachelor Of Science (honours) In Medical Sciences

  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Intake : Oct
  • Level : Undergraduate
  • Tuition & fees : € 10,800 Per Year
  • IELTS : 6.0
  • TOEFL : 80
  • PTE : 0

About this course

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery has added an optional “intercalated” year leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science Honours in Medical Sciences to the existing degree programme leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 

The intercalated degree is intended to offer innovative opportunities to Medical Students who wish to enhance their research skills possibly with the longer term intention of pursuing careers as “physician scientists”.

It permits medical students to exit and join postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery or other Faculties or to re-enter the MD course at a later time.

The research areas will be determined by the Board of Studies. 

The research areas which shall be offered during academic year 2018-19 are the following:

1. Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology;
2. Diabetes and Endocrinology: Epidemiology, Genetics, Management and Complications;
3. Brain: Neurology/Neurosurgery/Psychiatry/Pharmacology;
4. Inflammatory Processes: Pathology of wound and bone healing/Orthopaedics/Rheumatology;
5. Blood Disorders: Thalassaemia testing and Haemoglobin research/rare blood disorders;
6. Human Genomics and Genetic Medicine; and
7. Biobanking

Course intended for

The intercalated degree is open only to Medical Students, who have successfully completed years 1 and 2 of the MD course and who wish to enhance their academic knowledge of human health and disease mechanisms. It also helps them to develop research skills with the long term intention of pursuing a medical career with sound dedication to scientific research and academia. It aims to target in particular those who intend to become physician scientists involved at the cutting edge of developing personalised medicine.

This degree provides skills for pursuing employment in the fields of science, health and biotechnology, particularly following further postgraduate study, e.g. MSc in Biomedical Sciences and possibly research at doctorate level.

Career opportunites and access to further studies

The intercalated degree will offer all graduate doctors of medicine and surgery, improved options to pursue personal and career objectives in postgraduate medical specialisation, as it provides a head start for the necessary scientific skills for specialist trainees. 

Moreover it is a solid foundation for medical graduates who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree to embark on a medical academic career, since it provides an early introduction to the competitive field of high quality scientific research, publications in high level journals and competitivity for research grants and contracts. As healthcare moves towards the development of personalized / precision medicine, the demand for researchers with combined MD Ph.D. degrees is steadily increasing to service the expanding local research options in medical sciences, health care and biotechnology, on campus, in hospital and at the Life Science Park. 

For those who opt to exit the medical course, this degree will open up possibilities for postgraduate studies in science, health and biotechnology with a view to future employment in these areas. The new economic sectors in pharmaceuticals and the Life Science Park and the growing academic programmes shall continue to increase demand for such researchers.

University of Malta Highlights

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Established 1769
Campus Urban
Academic staff 961
Administrative staff 930
Students 11,117

University of Malta Avg Tution Fees  And Other Expenses

Avg.Tution Fees €5500-10800
Visa Fee €125
 Insurance €60-80

Food Cost

€100 to 150 Euro Per month
Accommodation €200 to 500 Euro Per month
Meals €250
Mobile/Wi-Fi €30
Local Transport €40
Leisure Activities €200
Laundry €30
Electricity/Water €50

above is an approximate guide of the monthly expenses you are likely to incur while studying in Malta. These are only approximations since your monthly bill will be determined by your personal lifestyle.  *based on 2 or 3 persons sharing an apartment.


Fees components - (1st year Fees and expense)

Tuition & fees :

€ 10,800


€ 10,800

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