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Why choose us – admissionsdirect India

Learn about the destination You have around 30 top destinations to choose from. So its always advisable to learn more about each of the countries before filing your application

Learn more about Subjects The world is changing day by day. You could see new courses being added to the databases day by day which often confuse you. Our expert advisers give you more detailed information about each subjects, its opportunities and potentials.

Choose the Right Course From our database of 500 plus Institutions, you can choose the best option available with the help of latest technologies.

Save on Consultation Most of the consultants charge you a specific amount as consultation fee or courier charge. With admissions direct, you just need to pay a one time membership fee to support that you are a genuine student. The one time membership fee is a lifelong one and it will give you valuable offers in your education, travel and in future employment.

Application Fee waiver Most of the universities/ colleges offers discounts or waivers in the application fee for the admissions direct students.

Be prepared We provide tools to help test your English to get ready to go overseas, assist in visa preparation & budgeting as well as reviewing your statement of purpose and Letters of Recommendation to give you the best chance of successful application.

Find financial aid We hold the largest international scholarship database in the world, and support and guide you through the ways to get financial support to study abroad.

Track your application We provide you with a logged-in area where you can see the status of your application and get useful content.

Visa Guidance We have visa guidance cells in most of the cities around the world on top of the online visa support officers we have. You will be having a free support desk in most of the cities.

Travel Arrangements You will be eligible for special discounts for air travel and forex purchase. Your AD membership number will get you entitled for the maximum discounts available.

Free accommodation The special arrangement made by AD with the universities will provide you free accommodation for a month.

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