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Human Resource Management courses

Southern Institute of Technology

Bachelor Of Applied Management (hr Management Major)

  • Duration : 3 years
  • Intake : Feb,Nov
  • Level : Undergraduate
  • Tuition & fees : $ 19,000 Per Year
  • IELTS : 6.0
  • TOEFL : 60
  • PTE : 50

About this course

The Bachelor of Applied Management programme of study aims to produce graduates with the personal and professional skills necessary to be successful in demanding and evolving business environments, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

The programme offers a blend of theoretical and practical learning, with an emphasis on applied knowledge and skill. High importance is placed on the development of the soft skills for management (such as communication, business writing, presentation, interpersonal and problem solving skills) in addition to the development of specific business knowledge and skills.

Career Opportunities

At the completion of the programme, students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills relevant to the various areas of applied management, including key ideas, principles, and concepts associated with the theory and application of papers;
  • Be confident, capable, and professional practitioners and learners;
  • Gather and assess information form a variety of sources, undertake analysis of this data, and use this to solve problems;
  • Be able to think critically, analyse relevant issues, and discuss these within the context of management in a logical and competent manner;
  • Understand, apply, and communicate principles and concepts within the applicable management sector; and
  • Have developed professional knowledge and applied skills appropriate for the needs of clients within the applicable management sector.

Human Resource Management major

In addition to the skills listed for the overall programme, graduates from the Bachelor of Applied Management with a major in Human Resource Management, will strategically analyse information relevant to human resource areas including recruiting, organisational departmental planning, performance management, and employment compliance. Graduates will employ reflective practice techniques to develop and implement appropriate human resource management organisational policies and procedures.

Educational Pathways

Further educational opportunities for graduates may include enrolling in postgraduate study, for example the SIT Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise.

Employment Pathways

Graduates will be qualified to work in a range of employment sectors, from small to medium enterprises (SMEs), through to engagement in human resource departments in larger, more complex, enterprises.


Assessments for this programme may include, but are not limited to:

Case studies
Final examinations
Third year students may also be required to complete a research proposal, literature review, research report, and/ or presentation as part of their Dissertation or Internship.

All requirements for assessment must be submitted by the advised time and date. Late assignments will not be accepted unless an extension has been requested by the student and granted by the facilitator, in writing, bef

Fees components - (1st year Fees and expense)

Tuition & fees :

$ 19,000


$ 19,000

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