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Business Administration courses

University of Malta

Executive Master Of Business Administration

  • Duration : 5 Semesters
  • Intake : Oct
  • Level : Postgraduate
  • Tuition & fees : € 10,800 Per Year
  • IELTS : 6.5
  • TOEFL : 95
  • PTE : 0

About this course

The Executive Master of Business Administration degree is awarded to successful participants after two to three years of part-time graduate-level university study that provides training in the theory and practice of business management. The programme aims to develop mid-to-upper level managers for organizations of all sizes and types both in the private and public sector of the economy. It emphasizes the planning, organizing, implementation and controlling of an organization. It seeks to develop knowledge of advanced business functions, decision-making skills and the understanding of the internal and external factors affecting the management of organizations. Participants have the option to select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-third of their studies in this area. The programme also allows students a more specific focus through the writing of a dissertation.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the Executive M.BA. Course, the participant will be able to:

• Discuss the importance of context for organizations, including legal systems, ethical, economic, environmental, social and technological change issues, international developments and corporate governance.

• Discuss the uses and limitations of a range of practical research methods and techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

• Describe the development of Management Information Systems, discuss their impact on organizations, and explain how management can exploit their use.

• Summarise the approaches and options that exist for organizations that are considering an e-business strategy, identify the key factors that must be addressed when implementing an e-business strategy and achieve an appreciation of object models as they apply to the net.

• Appraise and assess business functions and processes and subsequently apply integrative and critical thinking skills in the formation of effective business strategies.

• Demonstrate an understanding of accounting terminology and practices enabling the participant to organize and manage the accounts to track the financial records of an organization.

• Read the financial statements of an organization, formulate a rational assessment of the situation and develop recommendations to management to increase the financial health of the organization.

• Perform an analysis of an industry and of a company within that industry to identify opportunities and formulate strategies to capitalize on that opportunity thus creating something of value.

• Show comprehension of the basic concepts and importance of production and operations management, supply chain, logistics, quality, and lean principles and how these activities are used to create products and/or services.

• Enable cost efficient operation through effective application tools and techniques of productivity and cost benefit analysis.

• Identify, describe, analyze and evaluate current strategic issues in Human Resources, discuss and evaluate the connection between business and HR strategy.

• Calculate the potential market for a company’s products and services, and prepare marketing plans for selling those products and services to a particular targeted market segment.

• Identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas related to business decisions.

• Explain strategy development and show ability in the preparation of original corporate plans.

Course intended for

The Executive M.B.A. degree programme is mainly designed to accommodate non-business degree holders from a wide range of academic disciplines but graduates in business disciplines are also welcomed. All applicants must have at least three years work experience in an administrative position.

Career opportunites and access to further studies

Persons who successfully complete an Executive Master of Business Administration degree will have the opportunity to advance their career prospects and job opportunity in mid-to-upper level management professions at organizations of all sizes and types both in the private and public sector of the economy.

University of Malta Highlights

Type Public
Established 1769
Campus Urban
Academic staff 961
Administrative staff 930
Students 11,117

University of Malta Avg Tution Fees  And Other Expenses

Avg.Tution Fees €5500-10800
Visa Fee €125
 Insurance €60-80

Food Cost

€100 to 150 Euro Per month
Accommodation €200 to 500 Euro Per month
Meals €250
Mobile/Wi-Fi €30
Local Transport €40
Leisure Activities €200
Laundry €30
Electricity/Water €50

above is an approximate guide of the monthly expenses you are likely to incur while studying in Malta. These are only approximations since your monthly bill will be determined by your personal lifestyle.  *based on 2 or 3 persons sharing an apartment.


Fees components - (1st year Fees and expense)

Tuition & fees :

€ 10,800


€ 10,800

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