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Master Of Arts In Art & Design Education (level 9) in Limerick Institute of Technology

  • Duration : 1 Years
  • Intake : Sep
  • Level : Postgraduate
  • Tuition & fees : € 10,250 Per Year
  • IELTS : 6.0
  • TOEFL : 0
  • PTE : 0

About Master Of Arts In Art & Design Education (level 9) in Limerick Institute of Technology

What is the programme about?

This programme is designed to meet the need for critically focused advanced-level study for established art and design teachers* within the contexts of professional in-career development and life-long learning; extend teachers’ learning in areas of creative art and design practice, research and teaching. It is a blended programme, meaning some of the programme is face-to-face, some distance. The extent of the face-to-face contact is small, though crucial, amounting to seminars and workshops held during eight days over the two years. The programme makes learning experiences available to teachers that take advantage of online platforms to network with peers and agencies for the advancement of professional skills, personal capabilities and educational innovation and change in the field of art and design, and to provide teachers with pioneering learning and teaching processes that place a premium on contribution, collaboration, responsibility and autonomy.

The programme functions on the basis of forming an online community of practice and it is organised around seven learning activities. Broadly speaking, these activities are concerned with three areas: 

  • evisiting one’s art/design creative practice (making work)
  • networking with peers within the community of practice to develop new skills and ideas in the field of art and design education
  • conceiving and promoting innovative approaches to art and design curriculum in the context of one’s teaching/educational work.

Therefore, being a participant of the programme would involve you getting back into the studio, so to speak, getting online and collaborating with other art teachers and tutors, and getting involved in trying out new ideas in the art room and other settings. An important aspect of the programme is to integrate different facets of one’s personal and professional life, developing oneself as an ARTIST/DESIGNER RESEARCHER TEACHER 

*Please note this programme is not an Initial Teacher Education programme, please refer to the Professional Master of Education in Art and Design with Digital Media if you are interested in becoming an art and design teacher.


Entry Requirement

Higher Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma in art and design teaching at 2:2 and/or Honours degree in art/craft/design at 2:2. 

Pre-requisite - currently teaching in mainstream education or involved in art, craft or design work in an alternative educational setting (for example, further education, higher education, PLC, museum/gallery, arts centre, health facility). 

For further information regarding application and fees contact:

Muriel Dinneen
School Administrator
Limerick School of Art and Design LIT
Clare Street

Fees components - (1st year Fees and expense)

Tuition & fees :

€ 10,250


€ 10,250