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Hotel Management courses


Under Graduate Diploma In Hotel Management&hospitality

  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Intake : April/July/Nov
  • Level : Undergraduate Diploma
  • Tuition & fees : € 5,500 Per Year
  • IELTS : 5.5
  • TOEFL : 0
  • PTE : 0

About this course

This programme provides students who aim to work in the hotel and hospitality field with the knowledge and skills required to understand various aspects of the industry. The programme will introduce learners to tourism and hospitality in order to understand the context, the impact and the key characteristics of the field. In view of the people oriented nature of hospitality learners will also be prepared in relation to the soft skills required to successfully work in this industry.  Critical Thinking is a vital skill, much in demand in all walks of vocational and academic life; indeed it is one of the most sought after skills in the workplace. This key skill will undoubtedly make students more competitive in the employment arena. This programme also gives the opportunity to understand factors that influence the behaviour of tourists as consumers together with key aspects in tourism marketing. A prospective manager in the hospitality industry requires a good understanding of finance. Hence this programme will also expose learners to financial aspects.  Operations management is also covered, however with a focus on hospitality and service operations. Considering the business nature of hospitality organisations, leadership and management principles and human resources management will also be introduced. The programme also provides a background to the cruise industry whilst also looking at pertinent management issues. Lastly students will explore contemporary issues within the hospitality industry.

List of Study Units Covered During the Course

  • The Business of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Soft Skills within Hospitality
  • Academic English Writing
  • Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing in Tourism
  • Finance for the non-financial manager
  • Operations management for hospitality
  • Leadership and Management Principles for Hospitality
  • Human Resources Management
  • Introduction to Cruise Operations
  • Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the programme the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the nature, impacts and characteristics of tourism and hospitality.
  • Examine the key concepts and principles of marketing as applied to tourism
  • Analyse hotel and hospitality operations
  • Apply leadership and management principles within hospitality organisations
  • Discuss various contemporary issues affecting the hospitality industry

Entry Requirements

  • Level 4 qualification or equivalent
  • IELTS 5.5


MCAST  Average Tuition Fees And Other Expenses

Expense Cost
Tuition fees 1 year program 5400-6700 EURO
Tuition fees 2 years program 6500-8500 EURO
Tuition fees 3 years program 10000-19500 Euro
Tuition fees 4 years program 26000 Euro
Application Fees 150 - 200 Euro 
Housing 250 - 350 euro Per Month
Meals 135 -250 Euro Per Month
Travel 21 EURO Per Month

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of proficiency in the English language but providing English language test results. The minimum test scores required are:

Test Minimum Requirements
Level 5 & below programs IELTS- Overall 5.5
Level 6 Programs IELTS-Overall 6
Level 7 Programs IELTS-Overall 6.5
Fees components - (1st year Fees and expense)

Tuition & fees :

€ 5,500


€ 5,500

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