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A guide to the British accent

British English is the standard language of the English dialect as spoken and written in the United Kingdom.  English is a Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brough......

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THE UK Pathfinder- undergraduate grading system in the UK

This information, of the UK’s undergraduate grading system, is very comprehensive and useful for students with its accurate assessment and sensitivity. The UK education is very distinctiv......

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How To Apply In a UK University?- Study Abroad

How To Apply In a UK University?- Study Abroad Study in Foreign countries has become more popular than never before. The United Kingdom has always been very rich history for its educational institu......

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples 2

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE  We are living in an “age of technology” that will radically change our lives. I am extremely energized at the possibility of dedicating myself to such a d......

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