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Camosun College Average Tution fees and Expenses

First-Year Tuition Fees And Living Expenses For International Students

The following chart displays estimates in Canadian currency for tuition and living expenses for one full-time international undergraduate student over the course of one academic year. Please note that these are estimates only; costs will vary depending on your needs and preferences. Other costs to consider include, but are not limited to, currency fluctuations, visa and study permit fees and trips home.

Estimated Cost Per Semester

    Academic Studies English Language Development (ESL)
Tuition & Fees Duration of study 4 months 4 months
Tuition * $7,420 ** $5,300 ***
Non-instructional Fees $245 $245
Student Benefits Plan $275 $275
Subtotal   $7,940 $5,820
Other Fees Medical Insurance $300 $300
Books and supplies $700 to $1,000 $100
Optional Fees Co-op Term Tuition $1,530 n/a


All fees are in Canadian dollars and may be subject to change.

*Not all program fees are listed here. Please refer to the “What it Costs” section on the specific program page on the Camosun website for the most up-to-date information.

***This cost is for most ELD (ESL) courses when taken full-time. Students in ELD courses who also register in any academic courses (including upgrading courses) will be required to pay additional tuition and fees per course. Students must meet course-specific prerequisites. Continuing students are expected to contact Camosun International Student Advisors to find out exact fees and confirm whether they meet course prerequisites.

Estimated Living Expenses per Month

NOTE: Expenses vary depending on your lifestyle.

Living with a roommate Living on your own
Rent and Utilities
(hot water, electricity, and heat,
based on sharing expenses with a roommate)
$910** Rent and Utilities $1,306**
Food $292** Food $292**
Miscellaneous $357** Miscellaneous $357**
Total per month $1,559 Total per month $1,955


Application Fee $100
Tuition and Fee Deposit (open program) $8,500
Tuition and Fee Deposit (seated program) $15,000
Registration Deposit $200
14-week Full-Time Course Fees

(for most Arts & Science, Business, Sport & Exercise and University Transfer programs)

$5,300 (3 courses)

$6,360 (4 courses)

$7,420 (5 courses)

$8,480 (6 courses)

All fees are in Canadian dollars.

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