Healthcare Science (Respiratory and Sleep Physiology), BSc (Hons) - Swansea University


  3 years

  Intake : Sep


£ 16,400 per year*

Our BSc in Respiratory and Sleep Physiology will give you the expert training you need to begin a rewarding career working with doctors and other heal...

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Health Care Management, MSc - Swansea University


  1 year

  Intake : Sep


£ 16,900 per year*

If you are currently working in a health-related management role and want to build on your experience or are looking to develop your career in this ar...

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Swansea University Average Tution fees and Expenses

Swansea University Highlights

Type of learning On-campus
Type of degrees Bachelors, Masters
No. of campuses 2
Application Season Various intakes round the year
On-campus housing Available
Financial Aid Available as Scholarships and Awards
Work Study Available for international students

Swansea University Average Tuition Fees And Other Expenses

An estimated budget for aspirants consisting of expenses like accommodation, travel and stay required to study in the UK is as compiled below. Note that an annual budget for undergraduates and graduates of the university is approximately 7500 GBP and 9500 GBP, respectively.

Swansea University Tuition Fee

The tuition fees vary from course to course for both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Fee for some of the course is: 

  • Social Work & Graduate Entry in Medicine (GEM): 9,000 GBP.
  • Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science and Healthcare courses: 9,000 GBP.
  • Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL): 7950 GBP.

Swansea University Cost of living

Other expenses apart from the tuition fee are as mentioned below.

Private Residence Costs

Expenditure Cost per week Cost per academic year (40 weeks)
Rent 80.00 – 110.00 3200.00 – 4400.00
Meals - 2,000 to 3,000
Contents Insurance 2.75 110.00
Broadband 4.60 184.00
Travel Costs 9.00 360.00

Swansea University Course Costs

Course Costs Costs per Week Cost per academic year (40 weeks)
Books 8.36 334.40
Printing and Binding 1.10 44.00
Course Equipment 1.75 70.00
Field Trips 1.35 – 30.00 54.00 – 1200.00
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