Study abroad in Europe for free?

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Study abroad in Europe for free?

It is not an article of appeasement. Studying abroad for free just isn’t possible. But there are many routes to keep your expenses down and make studying abroad not only achievable but even reasonable! Between budgeting, cheap cost of living, good scholarships, and other money saving ideas, studying abroad can be possible without burning your money bag.

Many universities in Europe are free of tuition for all EU students. If you’re an international student, there are small processing fees, but for the most part, still no tuition fee!. Coming paragraphs are clubbed with Universities and colleges who gives less expensive study days to International students.

Berlin University

Germany is a destination where International students still think they can secure their life both in terms of education and career. On conditions and that depends on the marks and the individual skill, a student get his tuition fee free but  for living costs such as rent and food, it is student’s responsibility . In Berlin, living costs come out to about 600 euros a month. That’s a pretty good deal for such a great university. This university is also one of the cheap universities in Europe that teach in English. They offer a Bachelor of Arts program filled with courses taught in English. 

 University of Göttingen is yet another of the tuition free universities in europe for international students. This university has programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences, some of which are in English! It’s also home to one of the largest libraries in all of Germany. So Germany is waiting for international students to its ambitious study programmes and many career opportunities.

Vienna University

 Austria is another great place for getting your study in economical universities in Europe. The Tuition fee is very affordable to the international students with inexpensive small processing fee. There are nearly 200 different programs from which to choose and many are even taught in English. Because it was founded in 1365, this University has a rich history, and is one of the oldest universities around. The town of Vienna is famous for its culture and nightlife, and will be the perfect place for you to study abroad.

Nantes University  

If your attraction of place is France, then Nantes University has many courses for you. Nantes University charges only a small processing fee per semester and the cost of living here is fairly low, at just 600 euros.

Nantes University offers a variety of programs taught in English: biology and earth science; foreign languages, literature, and civilizations; and European and international studies. 

Studying abroad is an incredible experience. College is already a time of change, but experiencing a new culture and meeting new people just enhances your college experience. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be expensive! With your budget savvy self and our list of cheap universities, you’re well on your way to planning the dream study abroad experience in Europe. 

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