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Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples for MBA with Example

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) Samples for MBA with Example –

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One of the important values that one has to uphold in his/her life is quality. We have to ensure quality in whatever we do. When it comes to education, quality is an essential aspect to be taken care of. Right from my childhood, my parents have been keen on the quality of education given to me. That's the reason why I never settle in terms of quality, for education. I completed my matriculation and higher secondary education from the best schools in our area with more than 90% marks. Once I got out of school, I chose commerce as the major stream of study, as business management and finance are my areas of interest. I graduated as a ________________  specialised in ________________ from _______________, affiliated to ________________ with A Grade.


After graduation, I joined _______________ as an  _____________, from where I learned the practical application of accounting and finance.


After ___  years of my experience in ________, I joined __________________ (Company name,Place), as a ____________(Your Position), dealing with  _______________________. My first year of experience in ______ has taught me the various aspects of professional and corporate culture. The past three years of my professional life have taught me to excel in whatever I do, through hard work, time management and above all, quality in every single dimension of work I do. It makes me experienced in dealing with the  ______ of Global companies. Presently, I am working as an______ at ______________ ,_____ , which is also a well-reputed Multinational Company based in the US. The nature of the job in _______ demands high productivity with great speed and accuracy in a limited time frame.


I always had an interest in management study, which is one of the main reasons why I chose to develop my career in management . I do have to improve my knowledge and skills to excel in this field. I decided to join for a master’s degree after gaining relevant experience because only then I would be able to completely understand the concepts and relate the theories with practical application.


Wherever I go, I always try to give the best out of me to produce good quality results. The education system in the UK has an international reputation and its quality is recognised all over the world. That is one of the reasons why I chose the United Kingdom to continue my studies further in-depth. I believe that it will help me to utilize and develop my skills, giving me the experience and exposure from a global perspective. It will be a great privilege for me as a person, in developing my personality and a boost to my career, in interacting and working with various experts and professionals in the field from different parts of the world.


It will be another milestone in my life if I get a chance to earn an MBA from the United Kingdom, thereby understanding and experiencing a new culture, diversity, languages and a whole new world from a different perspective. I strongly believe that it will help me to learn the different dimensions of management, which will further develop my management skills and increase my opportunities for global employability, giving an extra boost to my career.

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