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Low cost MBA in Germany

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Low cost MBA in Germany –

Germany is one of the countries where some of the MBA programmes have zero or very low tuition fees for EEA prospective students.

The University of Hamburg, for example, offers a Master of International Business Administration with the duration of four semesters for which there is minimum and very low fee of €375 and a semester fee of €258, pointing out that the cost of living in Hamburg could be of around €750 to cover general living costs.

The European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) offers a similar programme, an MSc in International Business Administration, also to be completed in four semesters, being the only cost the one required for administrative fees per semester (€230), which also includes free public transport between Brandenburg and Berlin. The general cost of living in Frankfurt for a student is said to be around €500 to €600 per month.

The University of Cologne (Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Science) also offers an MSc in Business Administrationwith specializations in Marketing, Finance, Corporate Development, among others, again with a duration of four semesters (full-time), with only social and no tuition fees to be paid, as in the cases above.

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