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Malta is a European island country located in the Mediterranean sea. It has a history of colonial control spanning centuries due to its unique location. Italy is just 80 kms away whereas Libya and Tunisia are around 300 kms away.

Owing to the fact that it was a British colony, English is the business language and one of the two official languages along with Maltese. It is a truly multi linguistic nation with most people being able to speak in Italian and French as well. A 2010 Charities Aid Foundation study found that Maltese were the most generous peoples in the world, with 83% contributing to charity.

Over the centuries, Malta's strategic position fostered its development as an important trading post and it remains a leading centre for container and freight transshipment.

Malta is a popular holiday destination and tourism is the nation's main source of income thanks to the sandy beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, numerous recreational areas and the salubrious Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the country throughout the year. In fact, Malta has three times more tourists than the residents of the country every year!

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