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Why study in Poland

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Why study in Poland –

Poland is a country with reputed institutions that provide numerous course options for domestic as well as international students. Almost 500 higher education centres conduct various level courses in nearly 120 fields of study. No other European country witnessed such a rapid growth in its education sector in the last decade, during which period, the number of institutions as well as number of foreign and domestic students multiplied many folds. Moreover, many universities and other higher education centres offer various programs in English.

Poland is more pocket friendly than most of the European countries with its average course fees being less than one-third of that of western and northern Europe. Rent for accomodation can be as cheap as 100EUR per month!! Furthermore, scholarships are available even for Non-EU students.

Student life in Poland is not just about studies. Poland offers a vibrant student life. There are plenty of outdoor activities, concerts, music festivals, cultural festivals etc. as Poles believe in overall learning and development, and not just studies. All universities organize their own carnival called juwenalia. During juwenalia, classes are not conducted so that every student can party. Poles are renowned for their hospitality and sense of humor. Poland is considered one of the safest countries in Europe.

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