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How To Apply In a UK University?- Study Abroad

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How To Apply In a UK University?- Study Abroad –

How To Apply In a UK University?- Study Abroad

Study in Foreign countries has become more popular than never before. The United Kingdom has always been very rich history for its educational institutions among other leading universities in the world. With a wide range of courses introduced at UK universities, The United Kingdom has subjugated the charts of best education destinations in the world. Asian students claim to have found excellent job opportunities and a chance to settle there because of their choice to The United Kingdom for higher education.

If a student is planning to study in the United Kingdom anytime now, he will most likely to come across the student-visa process. The student visa for in the UK is different than that of other foreign countries. To study in The United Kingdom you will have to apply for two types of Tier 4 student visas such as general visa and Child Student Visa. The first one for individuals who are 16 and above years that is follow for higher education and the latter for individuals who are between 4 to 15 and are looking to acquire their primary and secondary education in the UK.After getting the offer letter from the college in the UK, You can apply for a Tier 4 visa. CAS (confirmation of acceptance studies)is the another important formality a student should come by and at the same time ,   these universities and colleges should have the recognition by the UK Government to issue such a paper of importance . 

International students with a confirmation letter from the university can start applying for the visa as soon as 3 months from the class start date. he will get notified about the visa decision within maximum 15 days after applying for the student visa. All payments are through online transaction or demand draft or pay in cash at the visa application center. if a course is longer than 6 months arriving 1 month before is suitable. 


  • Filled visa application form
  • CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • Proof of funds(bank statements and other income documents)
  • Passport
  • TB Test Certificate
  •  Passport size photographs
  •  IELTS mark sheet
  • Residence proof
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