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New UK Immigration Policy on Work Visa (2020-21)

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New UK Immigration Policy on Work Visa (2020-21) –

New UK Immigration Policy on Work Visa (2020-21) Sun sets again For International Students

The International education sector is overjoyed that post-study work rights are set to be offered to international students for two years post-graduation, with enrolments from the 2020-21 academic year in the UK with its new immigration rule. International students make up half of all full-time postgraduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects in the UK Universities. The new immigration route will mean international graduates in any subject will be able to stay in the UK for two years to find work. This new Education Policy will put the UK back where they ought to be – a first-choice destination for students from other countries. They had been almost lost ground in the last few years to US and Australia in terms of enrolment of International students.

It was a rule that the sector had been dreaming hard for, particularly in the last few years, since the same two-year work rights were cancelled in 2012, ironically as and when Ms. Teresa May was the Home Secretary in the UK. Since then Indian student admissions were particularly impacted by the post-study restrictions with which Canada would made momentum by the huge growth in Indian enrolments.

Evidence shows that this is very positive step to an ailing economy like UK, and with this, international students ‘d bring a significant positive economic outcome, even if in a lazy financial algorithm. According to a government statement, the new Post Student Working visa will be available to students who have successfully completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a UK Higher Education Institution which has a “proven track record” in upholding immigration rules. There will be no cap on the number of applications. The new immigration route will enable eligible students to work or job hunt at any skill level, and they will be able to switch to the Skilled Work route if they find a job which meets its requirements.

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