Business Administration Diploma - Digital Marketing Major - Bow valley

Undergraduate Diploma

  2 Years

  Intake : Sep

IELTS : 6.0

$ 32,292 per year*

Program Description This program combines the field of business, marketing, technology, and digital media communications and prepares learners to m...

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Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate - Bow valley


  1 Year

  Intake : Sep

IELTS : 6.5

$ 17,928 per year*

Program Description You will learn the principles of user experience design, analytics, search engine optimization, integrated media strategies, an...

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Bow valley Average Tution fees and Expenses

Tuition fee for domestic and international students are tabulated below:

Tuition fee for Domestic students CAD 1,500 – CAD 5,000
Tuition fee for International students CAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000

In addition to the tuition fee students need to pay the following fees as well:

Material fee per semester CAD 45 - CAD 100
Student services fee per semester CAD 50
Student association fee per semester CAD 54
H&D per semester CAD 140
Parchment Replacement Fee CAD 50
Replacement of Student ID Card CAD 10
Early and Deferred Examination Fee CAD 50
NSF Cheque Administrative Fee CAD 50
Application Fee CAD 65 for domestic students CAD 130 for international students
Confirmation Deposit CAD 200 for domestic students CAD 1,500 for international students
Course Extension Fee for credit courses CAD 100 - CAD 200
Late Payment Fee CAD 50
International Student Medical Insurance through 3rd party insurer CAD 244 per term
Non-refundable portion of international students' tuition CAD 1,500

Living expenses

Bow Valley College does not offer on-campus residence. Students have the option of off-campus residence, homestays, rental houses etc.

General costs and Homestay cost Cost
Standard service fee CAD 750
Security deposit CAD 500
Homestay fee CAD 825/month
Textbooks for career program CAD 500 - CAD 700
Excursions CAD 200
Food CAD 500 per semester
Weekend expenses CAD 200
Transit monthly pass CAD 99 per month


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