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Why study in Estonia

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Why study in Estonia –

With a vibrant start-up company Estonia is widely known as the new Silicon Valley of Europe giving plenty of opportunities for innovations and creative thinking. It has more successful start up companies per head than in any other country in Europe. Lot of discounts are available for students. The low tuition fee, living cost and various scholarship schemes attract plenty of international students to Estonia.

 There are many organizations which conduct different activities to help foreign students integrate with this friendly and liberal society. All universities have excellent student support system to make the international students feel at home. The night life is very active in the towns. Holidays can be utilized by exploring the pristine beaches, monuments or wild life of Estonia. Public transportation is free of cost for international students in the capital city, Tallinn.

The qualifications are internationally accepted. The courses are done in English and the class rooms have small size groups. According to Erasmus Network Survey 2010, Estonia is ranked 1st for satisfaction with the stay in the host country institution and according to International Student Barometer TM 2014, 89% of international students are satisfied with their overall living and studying standard in Estonia.

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