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Spain is the second largest and 5th most populous country in European Union. It became a member of EU in 1986 and is rapidly evolving as a multicultural nation due to mass migration from different continents.

It is a middle power and the twelfth largest economy in the world with a “very High” Human Development Index.  The high per capita income (US$35,269) and the ideal Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters make it a favourite destination for immigrants. Consequently, its population has increased  to 46 million in the recent past with more than 10% of the present population consisting of non-Spanish ethnic groups.

Spanish companies invested in fields like renewable energy commercialization (Iberdrola was the world's largest renewable energy operator), technology companies like Telefónica, Abengoa, Mondragon Corporation, Movistar, Hisdesat, Indra, train manufacturers like CAF, Talgo, global corporations such as the textile company Inditex, petroleum companies like Repsol and infrastructure, with six of the ten biggest international construction firms specialising in transport being Spanish, viz., Ferrovial, Acciona, ACS, OHL and FCC.

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